Public Skyviewing at the Weiskopf ObservatoryNew event

Saturday, Oct. 28, 2023 7:00 pm until Saturday, Oct. 28, 2023 10:00 pm
General info: 815-234-8535 x200, Viewing conditions: 815-234-8535 x216
Public Skyviewing at the Weiskopf ObservatoryNew event

View distant wonders in the night skies.

The J. Weiskopf Observatory, with its 11” Celestron reflecting telescope, is available for public viewing and special programs. During the weekly FREE public viewing sessions, experienced staff guide you through the night skies. Visitors see the planets, the moon, and fainter objects in the sky.

Special events and programs are offered as amazing events occur in our skies, like meteor showers, solar and lunar eclipses, and when a planet is easily visible.

Observatory Hours

The time changes with the seasons! The rule of thumb is that the observatory is open for skyviewing every Saturday (all year round)--Opens 1/2 hour after sunset and closes 3 hours after sunset. The time of this event is a guestimate as listed here.

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