Haunted Haven | Rock Falls

Saturday, Oct. 01, 2022 7:00 pm until Saturday, Oct. 01, 2022 11:00 pm
Haunted Haven | Rock Falls

Haunt Times

Open Fridays and Saturdays, September 23-October 29, 2022
from 7-11 pm

BLACKOUT NIGHT: Sunday, October 30
from 7-10 pm. No lights, one flashlight, lots of screams! Do you have what it takes?

Monday, October 31, 2022
from 7:10 pm. The last ticket sold at closing time. Open until the last victim enters.


Admission: $15/person at the ticket stand, or get a Slash Pass online at $20/person and jump the line.


While you wait

  • Free parking
  • Concessions
  • Movies projected on the barn
  • Character entertainment

About Haunted Haven

Scaring since 2009, Haunted Haven is more ready than ever to continue our tradition of terror. Each year we push the boundaries of fear and sanity. We have grown our haunt to push 8,000 square feet of turns and chills to keep our customers guessing. Each year we change our rooms and themes, so one never knows what to expect.

At Haunted Haven, we do not merely set up scenes for you to watch but instead place you directly in the middle of the experience with our fast-witted characters and interactive rooms. We use scents, fog, and lights to surround you with your own worst fears.

Those who walk too slow will be left to the things that live in the darkness. You'll find yourself staring into the eyes of creatures that can't be human and others that may at one time have been. They run, crawl, climb and jump as they chase you through the hellish halls we've built to contain them. We can't promise you'll escape, but you have our respect if you do.

For those braver than others, we assure you a show you will not soon forget as we pride ourselves on both fear and entertainment. The outside of the haunt is just as entertaining, with a projector playing your favorite horror clips, bonfires to keep your bones warm, and a concession stand full of snacks and drinks while you wait. Of course, don't be surprised if a few of our creatures come to visit you during your wait in line. They sometimes get impatient during feeding time.

Haunted Haven is not just a haunted attraction but an experience and a must-add to your Halloween season. Just prepare yourselves before you enter. The creatures don't take kindly to those who leave early due to fear. Happy haunting.

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